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H.R. 1384

On February 27, 2019, Seattle Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal filed HR 1384, the new Medicare for All Bill of 2019, with 106 initial cosponsors. This is the long-awaited update of HR 676, the Medicare for All Bill introduced in 2003 and in each congressional session since, gaining cosponsors every year. HR 676 was a brief, 30-page “messaging” bill, without what’s called “legislative language.” HR 1384 is longer, at 120 pages, and crafted to be taken seriously by Congress. There are many improvements in HR 1384, such as including long-term care. While it’s unlikely that this bill will be passed by the current Senate or supported by the President, we believe that passage by the House, after many public Committee hearings and great debate, would educate enough of the general public and Congress that passage and enactment into law after the 2020 elections may be very possible. 

The next step for HR 1384 is House Committee hearings, and you can help make those happen. We need to encourage the Democratic members on the relevant committees to urge their chairmen to schedule hearings. Please take a few moments to call their offices and write emails to their health care legislative aides, who are often better informed and very influential on their bosses’ positions. Click here for a list and suggestions for your messages.

At the bottom of the list are Representatives who cosponsored HR 676 but have not yet cosponsored the new bill. Please also call their offices to encourage them to become cosponsors of HR 1384. Every call is logged and reported - it does make a difference!

Presidential Candidates on M4A

Here's a list of the current presidential candidates and how they feel about Medicare for All - organized by pro and con.

New York Times, May 17, 2020

The pandemic is prompting the Democratic Party and Joe Biden’s campaign to redraw a far bolder agenda than anything the party establishment has embraced before.