Who We Are

The Cornwell Group of Health Care Justice — North Carolina

We are a nonpartisan, committed satellite group of Health Care Justice — North Carolina,, the Charlotte chapter of PNHP – Physicians for a National Health Program, We came together in the Fall of 2017 after Dr. Jessica Schorr Saxe, chair of HCJNC, spoke to a group at the Cornwell Center, the exercise and wellness facility associated with Myers Park Baptist Church. Sparked by that event, several of the attendees were moved to form a circle of influence to educate and spread the word about Single-payer Improved Medicare for All. We are a diverse group of physicians, nurses, teachers, designers, photographers, and a variety of other professionals.

Our first project was a series of showings of the documentary movie, Fixit - Healthcare at the Tipping Point, each followed by a Q&A session with member physicians. These were enthusiastically received, and we plan to hold repeat showings this winter.

Our first product was a half-page Medicare for All quick facts sheet to provide a simple and convenient pocket- and purse-sized information handout to share with people in grocery store lines, elevators, and other brief contact venues. You can download it here and print it.

Our next major project was a series of  short videos discussing Improved Medicare for All. These were made as 3-4 minutes episodes to appeal to those who prefer their information in small doses. We have also taped several testimonial videos, all of which you will find on the home page. If you have, or know someone with, a compelling story about the inadequacies and other challenges in our current healthcare situation, please contact us about documenting and sharing those stories.

Our structure is very informal, as we brainstorm to find best ideas for advancing the Improved Medicare for All movement. We meet biweekly at the Cornwell Center to maintain our focus and energy. We would love to have you join us. The only requirement is a commitment to improving and expanding Medicare to provide full coverage to everyone.